UPPAbaby Recalls Strollers and RumbleSeats

Name of product: UPPAbaby 2015 CRUZ , 2015 VISTA strollers and 2015 RumbleSeat

Hazard: The strollers’ and RumbleSeats’ bumper bar poses a choking hazard when a child bites the bumper bar and removes a piece of the foam covering.

Units: About 71,000 (in addition, 8,000 were sold in Canada)

Description: This recall involves 2015 CRUZ and 2015 VISTA strollers and 2015 RumbleSeat. The CRUZ strollers have an aluminum alloy grey or black frame with a black fabric toddler seat with a colored fabric sunshade canopy and a black basket under the seat. The UPPAbaby name and logo are printed on the side of the canopy and “CRUZ” is printed in white lettering on the handlebars of the stroller. The VISTA strollers have grey or black aluminum frames, colored sunshade canopy and are made to hold one, two or up to three children. VISTA is printed in white lettering on the handlebars of the stroller and UPPAbaby is printed across the bottom diagonal rail of the stroller frame next to a black, fabric basket. The RumbleSeat is a separate seat attachment that can be attached to the stroller frame. RumbleSeats have manufacture dates stamped on the bottom of the seat from September 2014 through May 2015. The RumbleSeat comes in various colors and allows the child to ride rear facing, forward facing or reclined. All of the strollers and RumbleSeats have a foam bumper bar across the middle of the product for the child to hold.


The CRUZ and VISTA strollers with the following model and serial numbers are included in the recall: (The 2015 CRUZ strollers have model number 0181 and the following serial number printed on a sticker with a barcode on the lower right frame of the stroller.)

  • CRZ0415018100001-CRZ0415018100738
  • CRZ0415018100739-CRZ0415018101284
  • CRZ0515018101285-CRZ0515018101824
  • CRZ0714018100001-CRZ0714018101441
  • CRZ0814018102464-CRZ0814018102983
  • CRZ0814018100001-CRZ0814018100521
  • CRZ0814018103764-CRZ0814018104024
  • CRZ0814018103504-CRZ0814018103763
  • CRZ0814018103244-CRZ0814018103503
  • CRZ0914018104905-CRZ0914018105353
  • CRZ0914018104617-CRZ0914018104760
  • CRZ0914018104025-CRZ0914018104184
  • CRZ0914018104185-CRZ0914018104328
  • CRZ0914018104761-CRZ0914018104904
  • CRZ0914018104329-CRZ0914018104472
  • CRZ1014018106646-CRZ1014018109347
  • CRZ1114018109348-CRZ1114018112151
  • CRZ1114018114244-CRZ1114018115495
  • CRZ1114018112242-CRZ1114018114243
  • CRZ1214018115496-CRZ1214018117465

(The 2015 VISTA strollers have model number 0101 printed on a sticker on the lower crossbar frame. The 2015 VISTA strollers also have the following serial number printed on a sticker with a barcode below the rear axle of the stroller frame on the left.)

  • VIS0315010103097-VIS0315010103696
  • VIS0315010104435-VIS0315010105310
  • VIS0315010106433-VIS0315010107416
  • VIS0814010100001-VIS0814010101261
  • VIS0814010100001-VIS0814010100631
  • VIS0914010101894-VIS0914010102525
  • VIS0914010102526-VIS0914010103155
  • VIS0914010103156-VIS0914010103785
  • VIS1014010103786-VIS1014010104417
  • VIS1014010105048-VIS1014010105677
  • VIS1014010104418-VIS1014010105047
  • VIS1014010112494-VIS1014010112973
  • VIS1014010111598-VIS1014010111864
  • VIS1014010107220-VIS1014010111063
  • VIS1014010111865-VIS1014010112133
  • VIS1014010111064-VIS1014010111330
  • VIS1014010112134-VIS1014010112493
  • VIS1014010111331-VIS1014010111597
  • VIS1014010105678-VIS1014010107219
  • VIS1114010112974-VIS1114010114205
  • VIS1114010114206-VIS1114010121671
  • VIS1114010121672-VIS1114010124381
  • VIS1114010124382-VIS1214010127183
  • VIS1214010127184-VIS121401012968

Incidents/Injuries: UPPAbaby has received 22 reports of children biting off a piece of the bumper bar foam. No injuries have been reported.

Remedy: UPPAbaby customer service toll-free at (844) 540-8694 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, email contact@uppababy.com or online at www.uppababy.com and click on Safety Notice on the lower right hand corner of the page for more information.